Jesse Johnson 11 Jan 2016
Removal Services Removals Kingston upon Thames supplied a great service when we were moving our daughter into her new flat. We had stored a lot of her furniture and new appliances in our garage and shed, but didn't have the resources to do the move ourselves. This team were soon on the ball and got the load shifted promptly with no hassles to the new flat. A great firm to deal with and the fees were competitive too.
Victor Willingham 16 Nov 2015
I had never considered the work necessary for a move abroad until I began one and soon realised I wouldn't be able to do it alone. A friend told me to call Removal Company Removals Kingston upon Thames and I'm glad I did. After talking with them for a while, I couldn't help but hire them. I am very pleased with the effort and time they put in to make my move a success. Moving from England to Spain has been a lot of work, but they made things go smoothly. If it weren't for them, I doubt my move would have succeeded.
Olivia M. 24 Mar 2015
My family is fairly large, so when we were all relocating to a new address, we had lots of goods to shift. Getting everyone to get their packing fully done was looking doubtful, so I contacted RemovalsKingstonuponThames to see what they could do for me. They assisted with the packing by giving advice, supplying all materials and sending their team to help. We all worked hard and before we knew it, everyone's belongings were packed for the move. I was very impressed with their packing service and I will definitely consider hiring them for another removal in the future.
Eddie Parsons 06 Jan 2015
When I was younger I used to manage my house moves no problem. But now I'm a bit older any sort of help is more than welcome. So finding RemovalsKingstonuponThames was a great relief when it came to my most recent house move as they proved to be a reliable team who were happy to help. As I'm quite set in my ways, I'm pleased to say that they were happy to do things my way as well and didn't make me feel completely useless or in the way.
Nicholas W. 24 Nov 2014
It might be true that moving house is a huge stressor on your life, but to be perfectly honest I didn't think so, although that could have something to do with the fact that I hired RemovalsKingstonuponThames to handle my move! The professional crew of movers arrived early on a Saturday morning and took care of safely relocating all my belongings to my new place. They even dropped off stuff I didn't want at the local skip, saving me a trip down there myself! Superb service!
Annalee K. 04 Nov 2014
RemovalsKingstonuponThames rank with some of the best companies I have used for pretty much any service... Not only were they extremely helpful over the phone in instructing me on how to prepare for my removals, but when they arrived they took over and knew exactly what they were doing. I cannot advocate the use of this enough. Great service the whole way through!
June R. 22 Oct 2014
After hiring my moving van from RemovalsKingstonuponThames I'll never use any other removal company again! This company was professional every step of the way, giving me help and guidance for choosing a van and making sure I had one that could fit all of my furniture in! I was able to move much more quickly than I'd imagined because of the great size of the van they'd supplied me with. This is truly an excellent service, and it is also much cheaper than other removals companies I'd contacted!
Mike Holloway 07 Oct 2014
RemovalsKingstonuponThames have a good office removals service. I was really happy with what I got from them and their movers. The movers worked as a team to get me and my equipment moved without issues, and they tackled the job professionally and efficiently. I was very impressed with the price of the service, as it was very close to the price quote I'd been given and was much cheaper than other office moving services. Office moving is really easy with this company and I had my new office set up in no time! A brilliant and professional company!
Rich V. 25 Jul 2014
RemovalsKingstonuponThames were exactly what I was looking for my moving day. As a student I usually depend on my parents when it's time to move house, but this year they were out of the country and I had no-one who could help me with my move. I picked this company because of their good online reviews and the price quote they gave me came well within my budget. The mover was really efficient and handled even my fragile items with no worries whatsoever. Nothing got broken and moving house was almost a fun process with his help! Can't recommend this company's student removal service enough!
Malcom R. 25 Jun 2014
After careful consideration and research on several companies we decided to hire RemovalsKingstonuponThames. I had to move a lot of belongings on a 30 mile journey, many of which were expensive items. The removal guys where very polite and handled my belongings with due care. On arrival they put everything in the rooms that I required, which was great as this saved me time. When I unpacked I made sure that all my items were intact. I would definitely use this company again if I need to move.
Ele Lighter 11 Jun 2014
My partner and I would thoroughly recommend RemovalsKingstonuponThames without hesitation. They provided a fantastic service to us at a fraction of the price many others quoted. They got everything packed and loaded in two hours - not sure we could've done the same ourselves in twice that! Their easy going attitude was buttressed by an evident enthusiasm for their craft, and this made the move enjoyable. The move was completed ahead of schedule - somehow we even fitted in time to pop to a chippie for a spot of lunch! Thanks so much guys.
Shaun Baker 13 May 2014
RemovalsKingstonuponThames is an excellent removals company that I highly recommend! This company stored all my belongings for me during my honeymoon, and they kept them safe the whole time. When I returned, I checked all my things and everything was in immaculate condition. In all honesty, I couldn't have been happier with their service. Plus, their prices were not bad either, which was a major bonus for me too because nobody wants to pay over the odds for any service. If you need a safe place to store your things, hire this company and you will be happy indeed!
Eric Williams 29 Apr 2014
Wanted to make sure that the whole team at RemovalsKingstonuponThames got the thanks that they deserved after the recent help which they were able to provide me with. This was my first time moving home so I can honestly say that I was shocked by how badly organised some companies were. That was right up until I gave these guys a call and from then on I knew that I was in good hands. Their help has made all of the difference during the move and I can think of no one who would be able to help me better.
Patsy Pierce 16 Apr 2014
Moving house is terribly stressful, and I was extremely glad to have had RemovalsKingstonuponThames on my side during our recent move. The movers made light work of our heaviest furniture, and nothing got remotely damaged, which was excellent news all round! In the case of the price, the team ensured that we stayed on budget, and were very generous with their advice and time, making sure that we were totally in the know throughout the whole process. I would happily use them again and again, they were that good!
Aaron Cameron 06 Apr 2014
I'm really glad that I ended up hiring a removal man for my house move, and I'm even more glad that I hired one from RemovalsKingstonuponThames! I thought I'd be able to handle moving house without any help, but I'd heard some good things about the company, their staff and their services, and I thought it would be best to give them a call. I don't know how I would have moved any of my things without them! I had no idea about properly loading a van or even how to lift heavy furniture, so hiring a man and a van was the best decision I made! A great company, very helpful and affordable.
Ted B. 27 Mar 2014
We were moving house and downsizing to a smaller flat and wanted a few services. One was all of our belongings to be packed and the others were some of it was going in to storage at one address and the rest was coming with us to our new home. A friend suggested we contact a company they had used a few times and were happy with. So I contacted RemovalsKingstonuponThames and booked a meeting for a discussion about my requirements. We got a quote that we were impressed with and a date to begin the packing. From there it just went brilliantly, everything got to its correct place and there were no breakages.