Our Kingston upon Thames man with a van is there to help all you KT1 residents looking to move on a tight budget

Kingston upon Thames Van and Man KT2You may have bought a new house and are looking to move. Perhaps you have a new job and are renting somewhere closer. Maybe you just want to take a few boxes to your storage unit that are just a little too heavy to move yourself. Whatever your KT2 removals need, our KT1 man and van service could be the perfect solution.

For those out there in the midst of a KT1 home relocation you have enough to think about, and when it comes to moving budgets are more-than-often incredibly tight. You will have put down a deposit on a new place in one way or another and the costs quickly add up when you begin purchasing packing materials and other moving essentials. If a full removals service is completely out of the question and carrying out the move yourself seems a little too much like hard work, then call 020 8434 7497 to discuss the man with a van service. It is a happy half-way-house between the two traditional moving options, and has quickly become our most popular domestic service.

For a price not much more expensive than hiring your own van you get that very van with a removals expert behind the wheel. This removals expert is yours for the duration; he is there to assist with your lifting, give advice with your packing, drive the van to its destination and be an all-round moving guru. His experience will be invaluable, especially when it comes to loading the van. He will arrange your boxes and furniture in a way that will decrease the chance of items being damaged in transit. Transporting your belongings from A to B is the most dangerous part of the move in terms of accidents happening, so expert help before this point in the move could prove to be invaluable.

Kingston upon Thames Men and Van KT2For those looking for a hassle-free storage run the KT2 man with a van service is perfect. You need to move a lot of items, and they just will not fit into one carload. The last thing you want to do is make two or even three trips as this will eat into valuable leisure time. Why not call 020 8434 7497 and discuss our man with a van service. Our employee will turn up at your home, help you load your items into his van, drive you and your belongings to your storage unit and then assist you arranging your unit so that they are arranged how you want them. If you want to bring a few boxes home with you it’s not a problem. Hiring our Kingston upon Thames man with a van will save you time by sharing the lifting and shifting load and hassle by taking the driving off your hands and giving you one less thing to worry about.  

While Removals Kingston upon Thames’s man and van service will still require you to ‘get stuck in’, the addition of a set of expert helping hands does make it a much more appealing proposition, as does the price. It is an incredibly affordable service, and as mentioned earlier it is comparable to hiring a van. The amount of issues that will arise are however incomparable. With our removals expert on hand, your move or storage run will proceed with the minimum of fuss, which in such a stressful time is one weight off your mind.

So why not call Removals Kingston upon Thames today on 020 8434 7497 to obtain a free, no obligations quote. This cost-effective and hassle-reducing service could be the perfect option to make sure your moving day goes smoothly.