For those looking to carry out a KT1 removal on a budget, have you thought about hiring a man and van Kingston upon Thames?

Kingston upon Thames Man in Van Hire KT2When looking for adjectives to describe KT2 home moves there are two that spring to mind - expensive and stressful. Removals Kingston upon Thames could help you to lower the panic and the cost with our KT1 man and van service. To discuss it further why not call 020 8434 7497 today.

You know why it is stressful. Whether renting or buying, you need to locate a new place, secure it and then plan and execute one of the most difficult logistical operations any of us will ever face. You need to find enough packing materials in which to fit your belongings and then actually go about the packing, whilst maintaining enough of a normal lifestyle to stop your family from going mad. In between all this you need to find enough time to speak to utility companies, arrange services for the new house, and figure out a way to get your belongings from house A to house B.

This is where it usually becomes expensive or even more stressful. KT1 removals companies traditionally offer a ‘one size fits all’ service, where a team of removals men com into your home, load everything into a van and move it into your new home. This is often expensive (you are hiring a team of workers for a day or more), and is a luxury not everyone can afford. Most people think that the only other option is hiring a commercial vehicle and carrying out the move yourself (the stressful option!), roping in friends and family to help where possible. While this is the cheapest option, it is incredibly tiring and the risk of damage to your furniture (and relationships) increases dramatically.

Luckily, there is a middle ground now available in the shape of Removals Kingston upon Thames’s KT2 man with a van service. Some of the financial benefits of the commercial van hire go hand-in-hand with a few of the expertise and labour benefits of the full removal service, culminating in an affordable and effective solution for your home moves and storage runs. To find out more call 020 8434 7497 today and obtain a free, no obligations quote.

Kingston upon Thames Men with Van KT2Here’s how it works. When you call 020 8434 7497 and speak to one of our customer service team they will discuss your removal needs with you. They will find out your moving date and ask for an estimate of the volume of belongings you need moving (so we can send a big enough van!). If you choose to book the service, our member of staff turns up at your door on your moving day.

This employee is one of our experienced and professionally-trained removals experts, and he is at your disposal for the day. He will share the lifting with you, providing invaluable advice in those ‘something could break’ and ‘won’t fit through the door’ situations. He will arrange your belongings in the van in a safe and careful manner, everything stacked and strapped to ensure a minimal risk of damage in transit. He will then drive the van to your new abode and help you unload on the other side.

The best thing is that all this comes at a price not much higher than a standard van hire, and that additional cost is minimal when you balance it against the benefits that come with having your very own removals expert for the day. We guarantee our movers  will cut your lifting and speed up the process considerably compared to your solo mission that was the alternative. So call 020 8434 7497 today to discuss our Kinston Upon Thames man and van service some more. It really is the perfect compromise when it comes to moving.