How To Prepare For Your Moving Day
28 November 2014
You can easily prepare for your moving day to make it into an easy and stress-free move for both you and your family! If you’re looking for fantastic moving preparation tips then you don’t need to look any further – just take a look at the following advice to get you off to the best start imaginable for your moving day!1)    Ensure you have the right moving materials.You can prepare for your moving day in advance by collecting your moving supplies and materials as soon as possible. Start by checking your local shops for second-hand boxes, then use packing tape to reinforce them and make sure that they’re secure. Don’t forget to check for signs of wear and tear! You can also start collecting newspapers, magazines, bubble wrap and foam packing supplies to make sure that your fragile items will be safe during transit. Ask your friends and family to start collecting too, and you’ll soon have everything that you need! Add packing tape, marker pens, sticky labels and cleaning supplies to your shopping list so that you’re ready and prepared for everything from labelling to your end of tenancy clean!2)    Make yourself a moving checklist.Your moving checklist or to-do list will help you to keep on top of those little and big jobs that can fall by the wayside. Consider your cleaning and packing needs, and list down your plan for moving day. Try to devise a time schedule for everything, but be liberal as you don’t want to fall behind schedule at the first hurdle!3)    Enlist the help of family and friends.If your friends or family owe you any favours then now would be the time to call them in! From lifting your heavy items to supplying you with everything from moving vehicle to packing supplies, your loved ones can offer you a lot of much-needed help and support. If you think that an extra helping hand could be useful on your moving day then don’t be afraid to ask!4)    Packing your home efficiently.You’ll be able to really efficiently unpack your home if you pack your belongings with thought and care. Try numbering your boxes in order of important – as well as labelling them by room – and you’ll easily and quickly be able to unpack once you get to your new property.5)    Moving your large appliances and furniture.If you’re worried about moving your fridge, freezer, washing machine or tumble dryer then you might want to think about hiring a moving dolly. Moving dollies can be used to safely and securely move your large appliances, without you having to worry about lifting, carrying or accidentally dropping them! Dollies can be hired from moving companies, so ask around your local services to find out more.6)    Hiring professional help.Hiring a removal company for your move can save you effort and stress. Ask your friends and family to see if they can recommend any local companies, as it’s better to use a company that you know of then one you don’t! If not, try looking online to see what you can find. Try to look at as many customer reviews as possible to ensure that you’re hiring a reputable and reliable company, and remember that the ones listed on the company’s own website could be fraudulent, so check other review websites as well!

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