How To Pack Properly
14 January 2015
The prospect of moving houses can be daunting especially if you have a lot of bulky and valuable items to move. To ensure that your belongings reach the destination safe and sound, you will have to provide sufficient padding and make sure that they don’t move around too much in the boxes. Below we have provided you with a few tips on how to execute a safe move by packing and stacking your belongings correctly on the removal van.Selecting the right boxes•    Make sure you get boxes of various sizes depending on the kind of items you need to move. •    Double walled cardboard is extremely strong and sturdy, so make sure you pick boxes made of these, especially to pack fragile items. •    For a large house removal, you could also use plastic crates. They can be hired at extremely cheap rates, are much safer and can be reused after the move.Packing boxes•    The general rule to packing things in boxes is to put the heavier item at the bottom and the lighter ones on top.•     Do not put too many things in one box if it makes the box heavy. Use several smaller boxes instead. This will make them easier to carry when loading or unloading. •    Do not overfill the boxes. Boxes that are packed such that their sides are bulging are usually difficult to stack one on top of the other and there are chances that they might break open at the seams during the transit. •    Do not under-fill the boxes. If you have space left offer use packing filler, cushions or clothes to pad the items and fill the leftover space.•    To reinforce the boxes, use strong tape (not regular cellotape) on all sides of the box, especially at the bottom so that the box stays intact when lifted.•    To pack fragile items, wrap them in bubble wrap and newspaper, or better still, use your old rags, clothes, pillows and cushions to act as fillers.•    Put the things that you want to put in one room in your new house in the same box. •    Label the boxes and make an inventory of the things that are stored in each. Lifting boxes•    If you can’t lift a box by yourself, don’t try too hard. Either empty out half the content in another box or get someone else to help you.•    When you are lifting boxes yourself, stand with your feet apart and knees bent so that you can keep your balance when lifting. •    Don’t bend at the waist too much, bend your knees instead. •    Keep some ice, a heat pad and a pain relief spray handy to immediately take care of sprains and back aches.Loading boxes•    When loading the boxes in the moving van, make sure the ones that belong to the same room are kept together.•    Load the boxes containing things that you would need as soon as you move in last.•    Put the heavier boxes first and stack the lighter ones above them.  •    Make sure your removals team has a floor plan and appropriate orders about where to places the respective boxes in your new house. •    Don’t leave the van or your boxes unattended outside of the house when you are loading or unloading.

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